Are you ready for the most powerful Soulmate Relationship Programme On The Planet?
What: The Ultimate Soulmate Workshop
When: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of February
Where: Unit 2, Tower House, 139 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, N43 HF
This cutting edge workshop will take you to the very heart of soulmate relationship dynamics…

soulmatesDo you want to know the ultimate secrets of successful soulmate relationships? Do you want to know how to heal our soulmate relationship no matter what? Do you want to know the most effective manifestation for attracting a soulmate into your life? Do you want to share multidimensional soulmate experiences and adventures whilst un-ravelling the mystery of twin souls?

Do you want to know the stories of soulmates and twin flames who not only found each other in this life time, but in previous ones and on astral and soul planes as well? Are you with your soulmate but feel like something is missing? Are you and your soulmate struggling to transmute the fearful energies that have been triggered by the relationship? Do you sometimes feel like you are speaking different languages?

Are the emotions and energies you experience with your soulmate so intense that it makes you feel overwhelmed? Do you have difficulty telling where you end and your soulmate begins? Has your soulmate relationship been sucked into a powerful destructive dynamic you feel powerless to stop? Do you feel blocked by past life issues or personal traumas preventing you from feeling the love from your soulmate or your soulmate feeling loved by you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this revolutionary relationship workshop is for you!

Skylar knows how challenging soulmate relationships can be, which is why she created this workshop for helping soulmates around the world develop the intimacy, peace and passion they deserve.

Your life with your Soulmate could be the beginning of your ultimate spiritual adventure!

In this workshop you will learn:

•The 3 simple spiritual steps to take the daily struggles out of soulmate dynamics
•How to identify the the diffrent kinds of soulmate relationships and know which ones you are in
•How your Soulmate Relationship it is a vital part of your Divine Life Purpose
•The Seven Soul Needs and How to Meet Them
•How to Clear Past Life Issues and Trauma from your Soulmates Energy Field
•How to Clear Your Soulmate and Relationship Karma
•How to Speak to your Soulmates Angels and Higher Self

Whether you are single and searching for love, or have found your soulmate and want to light them up, this workshop will give you the answers you’ve been looking for…

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