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Many people have had great results with healing hay fever, dietary allergies, pet allergies with nothing more than a few sessions of Theta Healing. There are many who believe that allergies are an extreme panic reaction to the autoimmune system in the presence of fairly harmless substances. I would recommend to try it on every allergy that manifests. Only good ...
Since 1995 Theta Healing, Created by Vianna Stibul, has taken the International Healing Communities by storm. Please see for more original information. Now hundreds of thousands of people are using its unique power to relive and release anger, sadness, anxiety – sadly, rapidly and permanently – leaving them refreshed, recharged, balanced and happy. “ One of the most powerful ...
I know how hard and how vulnerable it can be to start a spiritual business and pursue your hearts desires. I often do a lot of things which I don’t feel like doing, simply to cross the t’s and dot the I’s. One thing is for sure, running a business is one of the biggest personal growth exercises I have ...

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