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I know how hard and how vulnerable it can be to start a spiritual business and pursue your hearts desires. I often do a lot of things which I don’t feel like doing, simply to cross the t’s and dot the I’s. One thing is for sure, running a business is one of the biggest personal growth exercises I have ...
True trust is not passive. It’s not just trusting when it comes to joining a group, it’s not keeping quiet or staying in a marriage or position because it’s safer. It’s a vibration that requires us to be vulnerable, get honest, feel uncomfortable and learn how to be compassionate with people without forgetting who we are.  We want to true ...
The context of removing blocks to abundance, I have been struck over and over again by the sheer contortions of money that exists in virtually every person’s heart and mind.  Because the area is so convoluted and often over complicated, I find it very useful to go back to Theta Healing basics and treat money like I would a snake ...

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