Sky is an Energy Master, Advanced Theta Pratitioner, Hypnotist,Channel and Author

As Sky works with you and your beliefs, you clear self-sabotaging patterns in your life. You become aware of life’s lessons and their meaning for you, so you’re better placed to move forward.

Up Comming Events and Workshops

Theta Healing is an extra-ordinary healing modality, the belief and feeling work create  rapid change in the areas of relationships, finances, health and spiritual/psychic development.

Advanced Energy Clearing: Emotional and Energetic Detox

Learn how to ground, cut chords, clear emotions and entities and wayward spirits. Date: Mon 23rd October Time: 7-10 pm Address:  Pandora Star, 3-4 Mallow Street, EC1Y8RQ,

Angel Readings

These are my favourite reading, because of the deep change I see taking place in peoples lives when they receive messages and the unconditional divine love of these magnificent beings.

Space and House Clearing

Very useful if you are having difficulty selling a house, have just bought a new one or have had illness or death in the home. Get’s you feeling safe and your house feeling like home again!

Chakra and Aura Clearing

You are a lattice of energies, and the health of your chakras shapes the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you live. Enter into communion with the invisible forces that support you.

Past Life Healings

Often energies from negative past life experiences can lodge in our energy system and manifest as discordant energies in this lifetime. If your problems are in your lifetimes energy system, then you’re in the right place.

Ghost Busting

Do you have ghosties living in your home or following you around? Has someone you know passed away and had difficulty “going into the light?” Then book yourself a ghost bust to move them safely and quickly out of your energy.

Guide Readings

If you have ever wanted to speak to your guides, you are in for a real treat. You’ll get the opportunity to ask unlimited questions, and receive valuable advice and healing.

Karma Clearing

Sometimes the same issues follow us through lifetimes and we struggle with them time and time again. This is a powerful clearing to transmute karmic maisms and activate your divine grace field.


Do you want to learn to speak to your higher self and your angels? Do you want to be able to connect with your deeper guidance whenever you want to? Then you need to learn to be a channel for divine love.


“I have undergone different courses and modalities over the last 10 years including NLP, Hypnotherapy and counselling. In my experience nothing works as quick and profoundly changing one core believes, fears, phobias as working with Sky” Jenna (London)

Sky, THANK YOU, Thank YOU, thank YOU, I’m still digesting what has happened, I feel connected to myself and others now. Are you an angel? – Alex (London)

We love Sky and we work with her weekly. Best time saving and money making investment we have ever made. – Mike and Sue (Australia)

Sky’s Healing is so powerful and so simple, its pretty self-sabotage proof! – Anna ( France)


Phone: 07506950210

Closest Tube: Old Street Station


Address: Pandora Spa, Lower Ground Floor Flat, 3-4 Mallow Street, EC1V8RQ